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Health Coaching.

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Health Coaches work with people on a 1 to 1, or group style basis, with their unique health and wellbeing in mind. My job as a Health Coach is to support you to reach your goals, by giving you the tools to get from knowledge to action.

How many time have you heard that you need to:

Drink more water?

Eat more fruit and veg?

Sleep more, and with better quality?

Reduce stress?

And why haven't you done it?

That's where I come in. I provide that bridge, those stepping stones, the zip wire between what you already know, and the goals you want to achieve. I help you to take action, to sustain it, and to make this action habit, or a long term lifestyle change. 

Small steps (it doesn't matter how small) are always better than none - and it's these small steps that get you moving in the right direction. Good health is not an end point - it's a journey. Everyone is on their own journey, and it's unique to you. No two people are the same.


That's why, in Health Coaching, we look at YOUR life, YOUR needs, YOUR goals and YOUR outcomes.

It doesn't matter about anyone else.

Coaching experiences are like fingerprints - no two are the same. 

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My role as a Health Coach is to support you in understanding your goals, your barriers/what gets in the way, and help you in moving forward, towards a healthier, happier you.   
Small changes, but changes that can be worked into your lifestyle and daily routine, will make all the difference. They need to be manageable right?
We will go through your own unique health needs, and your lifestyle, and create a Health Plan together that is achievable and sustainable, to see noticeable results. 

As a society, we are more stressed, overworked, overweight, exhausted, burnt out, and unwell than ever before.
And we’re developing lifestyle diseases like heart disease, obesity, and diabetes at an alarming rate.
However, over 75% of ALL disease could be prevented with better nutrition and habits.

I specialise in stress management, digestion and optimal health. It makes me happy and fulfilled to help you reduce stress, better your health and increase your happiness!

I chose to approach mine, the health of my family and of clients, from a naturopathic point of view. For me, this means looking at how health and wellbeing can be influenced and supported naturally, using whole foods grown well, using breathing techniques dating back centuries, sleeping well naturally, and exercising daily in a gentle and nurturing way. I'm all about natural, simple and manageable.

I don't believe in counting calories, am not overly concerned by BMI measurements, won't promote or insist on intense or relentless exercise regimes, and don't believe in deprivation in diet or in lifestyle (individual circumstances permitting of course - but this is discussed as part of your Plan). 

My firm believe is that everything should exist in moderation (and should be balanced with happiness and wellbeing)....
Have the chocolate - in moderation.
Have alcohol - in moderation.
Have 'carbs' - in moderation*.

* 'carbs' are a whole different story to what we have been led to believe in society - everyone needs carbs - our bodies depend on it for energy. It is the body's currency for optimal functioning - and the vast majority of health carbs contain a wealth of vitamins, nutrients and enzymes essential for health and happiness. 

With things in moderation comes the necessity for fruit and veg in moderation too (or a bit more ;) ), as well as hydration, exercise, sleep and self care. It is important to give our body everything it needs in moderation, not just the bits we find easiest. And sometimes things like alcohol, chocolate, caffeine, gluten and dairy etc might need to be reduced significantly to help the body to heal.

Does any of this make you question your health, or whether you could improve it?

Would you like to feel healthy, full of energy, less overwhelmed and happy?

Improving your health slowly, over time, with small steps, is much better than reacting to a health issue and having to make drastic changes which may well seem or be unmanageable faced head on. Start now - start small. 

Prevention is better (easier, healthier and cheaper) than cure!

I can help you to feel healthier, reduce digestive issues and manage your stress more effectively.
Watch out for future offerings, as Temple Health expands it's knowledge and skill set with ongoing training, CPD, regular reading and current information.

Click here to contact me today. 

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"You may never know what results come from your action.
But if you do nothing, there will be no result"


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