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I am Ashleigh Salter.

I am based in East Grinstead, West Sussex and I live with my husband, two children and bouncy black labrador.

I became a Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach following my own difficulties with ill-health, which were triggered in 2019. I decided, having searched for answers and support for months without luck, to see a Nutritional Therapist - which was a game changer. This is what I wanted to do! I saw so much value in the way that health could be changed through these diet and lifestyle changes. I have, over the years, really supported and improved my own physical and mental health through these continual changes - but the journey is not yet over. A health journey is continuous! I am really enjoying the new energy and increasing positivity that comes with better, more optimal health.

Prior to retraining in this area and fulfilling my dream of starting my own business - Temple Health, I was a stay at home mum for several years. And prior to that, I had reached burnout in my professional career as a Child Protection and Fostering Social Worker. This career path, although it heavily involved behaviour change, much like Nutritional Therapy and Health Coaching, was extremely draining, both physically and mentally/emotionally. I had nothing left to give my husband, family or friends. I was stressed, over-worked and unhappy and was subsequently signed off work for some time, with anti-depressants and relaxants. This is not what I wanted my life to be. Panic attacks, digestive difficulties and mentally struggling - something needed to change.

After some sacrifices and me being a stay at home mum for our two young children (one of which is neurodivergent, we would much later find out), I was able to ground myself, use acupuncture, homeopathy and regular massage to my health advantage, I was able to feel more balanced. However, in 2019, on a trip in my homeland, South Africa, I came home with a severe bowel infection, which knocked my health out the park. It was then that my health journey really began, in relation to my interests in nutrition and how we can change and influence how we feel, and how our bodies function, by making small but sustainable changes.

Since then, I have supported my friends and family, alongside myself, to regain good health, and help with long term health challenges. I have helped  a number of children who have been found to be gluten or dairy (or both) intolerant, my own son included. The wait time for a gastroenterologist was 56 weeks for my 4 year old son, who wasn't growing. Having learnt what I had, I knew that, based on his symptoms, and a blood test, he was gluten intolerant. I decided to remove this myself, and within a month, he had grown 5cm in height. He is now full of energy, pain free and has normal bowel movements, along with being the 2nd tallest in his class! 

For the reason above, and because of my own health journey, I feel confident in supporting people with stress related difficulties, digestive health (so many aspects to this, and most of which I have gone down!) and hormonal health. There are many other areas that I can support too, so if you're unsure, just book a chat with me here to discuss. 

Click here for ways in which you can work with me. 

I hope to be able to help and support you to feel much happier, healthier and more full of that spice for life! 



  • S0H Nutritional Therapy Diploma - 2024 (NVQ Lev 5)

  • SoH Anatomy and Physiology Diploma 2021 (NVQ Lev 3)

  • CNM Diploma in Health Coaching – College of Naturopathic Medicine, 2021 (Level 4)

  • Masters in Social Work (MA) – Canterbury Christ Church University

  • BSc (Hons) in Psychology with Early Childhood Studies – Canterbury Christ Church University



Continued Professional Development (CPD) - ongoing with monthly webinars, online Clinical observations, books and podcasts. 

Fully Insured through Balens.

Registered with ICO for GDPR.

All certificates available on request. 

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