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I am Ashleigh, a Qualified Health Coach, and the Owner and Founder of Temple Health.

I am passionate about digestive health, stress and happiness!

And did you know that most (if not all?!) health challenges originate or have something to do with the gut?! The digestive system and the microbiome within it? This is my absolute geek-out passion! Have you heard of the gut-brain axis? The mind-gut connection? The gut being the second brain? I'm definitely far down that rabbit hole....and it makes a whole lot of sense! It can affect your digestion and absorption, your waste elimination, hormones, immune system and mental health and happiness.

I want to help everyone feel as healthy as possible. 

I decided to study Health Coaching in 2020 (during lockdown of course), as a result of a year-long health journey that I had been on, although actually many more years had contributed to the bigger issue that presented itself in early 2019.


Suffering with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) for many years, many antibiotic prescriptions, stress and anti-depressants left my gut health completely depleted. In fact, non-existent. I was susceptible to, and developed C.Diff, a significant and severe bowel infection, which initiated a cascade of other health issues. This left me feeling at rock bottom, physically and emotionally.  Many tests and appointments with NHS and private professionals and specialists resulted in not much help unfortunately (not their fault, but the system in general - there is just not enough time or money to support everyone holistically, and not enough knowledge on nutrition and digestion).


I decided to see a private Nutritional Therapist, who was a game changer. I worked hard to regain my health, and have made it better - although progress continues - health is a journey right?! I learnt so much along the way, about my own health, but also that I had a passion for helping others along their own health journeys. I continue to learn and grow daily - adding to my skill set and expertise - to throw yet more at ill-health and it's unfortunate consequences on the human body. My hope is to help as many people as I can to regain their health, and even improve it, to feel the healthiest they have felt before - I am confident this can be done! Try me!

At this point, I am a mid-30's wife and busy mother of 2 young children. I have learnt that gluten, dairy, added/refined sugar, caffeine and alcohol are not my friends! There are so many alternatives! It just takes a bit of adjusting to - to learn how to live a new, healthier lifestyle full of whole foods, minimal /no processed food, and only eating foods with ingredients I can pronounce or cook with myself (for the most part! I'm human - moderation and balance are key!). This has helped my health beyond measure!


I started Temple Health Limited in March 2021 and am determined to share good, natural health and happiness with as many people as I can. Come and chat to me, I would love to see if I can help you. 

Exciting News: I will be adding to Temple Health!

I am studying Nutritional Therapy as we speak, and cannot wait to add

this wealth of information and support to my available services.

Watch this space!



Are You Ready For a Change?

Do you want support with optimal health, like pain/bloat free digestion, lower stress, good quality sleep, weight management, healthy aging, acne support, high energy and overall happiness? And more?

These can all be achieved!

I am here to support you in making these happen. We can work together to create a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle, and behavioural changes that will have a positive and lasting impact on your body, mind and health.

By investing in yourself and your wellbeing now, you will have a healthier body going forward, looking to a brighter future. The best way to do this is to work one-to-one with me by booking onto the Health Coach Series.


Everyone is different. What works for one person may not work for you. By working one-to-one with me, we can create and work through a personalised Coaching Plan for you – and only you. We will work towards your goals, which requires commitment and motivation from you, and support, accountability and coaching skills form me. With some fun, good food and open communication thrown in. 

I also run Lunch and Learn Sessions for Businesses (Rolls Royce being one of these companies). I most regularly run Stress Management courses, but am open to suggestion/request. Please send me a message for particular requests or to discuss options available - price on request. 



  • CNM Diploma in Health Coaching – College of Naturopathic Medicine, 2021 (Level 4)

  • SoH Anatomy and Physiology Diploma 2021 (NVQ Lev 3)

  • S0H Nutritional Therapy Diploma - ongoing (NVQ Lev 5)

  • Masters in Social Work – Canterbury Christ Church University

  • BSc (Hons) in Psychology with Early Childhood Studies – Canterbury Christ Church University


Continued Professional Development (CPD) - ongoing with monthly webinars, online Clinical observations, books and podcasts. 

Fully Insured through Balens. Registered with ICO for GDPR. All certificates available on request. 

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