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Temple Health is 3 Years Old and has added Nutritional Therapy!

Hello! It's been a while....

I've been studying and going down many a rabbit hole for the last 3 years, while seeing so many of you wonderful clients alongside. You have benefitted from increasing knowledge along my study journey - lucky you! I am however now fully qualified as a naturopathic Nutritional Therapist :)

What is a naturopathic version - what does that mean, I hear you ask? Naturopathic means that any support I give is natural, non-invasive and promotes the idea of 'self-healing'. The body is wonderful at knowing exactly what it needs and when.

Have you heard people say they subscribe to 'intuitive eating' for example? This is the idea that they listen to their body and give it what it's telling them. Therein lies a while host of discussions, opinions, pros and cons - but you get the idea.....your body has the ability to do that it needs to, to return to optimal health. We just need to give it what it needs. This is done by becoming aware of our body's needs, and by tuning in to it's messages and needs. This is largely through examining any symptoms that your body is showing, and by looking at what your body has gone through in the past, as well as what it has inherited from past family members through genetics.

Our health is influences by genetics and environment, among other things. The most important thing to remember is, that we have the power to influence our genetics by giving our body the right environment to live in. This is not necessarily talking about living in rural West Sussex, on a farm, with minimal stress, with no cars or electronic devices. This actually means that we are listening to it, keeping our internal environment as toxin free as possible, and allowing our body to function at it's best. For this, we need proper hydration from a cellular viewpoint, good whole food nutrition to suit our individual needs (each has their own, and this is something we figure out together - it can be influences by Blood Type, culture and background, current health and medication etc), a good and fun way to move our body to ensure lymph is flowing (lymph takes our toxins away from cells, out the blood and to be excreted), and making sure that all elimination channels are working properly - these include skin, lungs, bowels, urinary tract and for women, the womb.

There are ways of supporting each of these aspects from a combination of nutrition, supplementation, lifestyle alterations and naturopathic techniques (which are largely simple, cost effective and non-invasive). I am a firm believer that by making these small changes, and really listening to our body, that better health and wellbeing is accessible to all.

I have been lucky enough to work with some amazing people during the last 3 years - each and every one of you have taught me more, and it was my pleasure to support you in a time of need. I have helped a number of friends and family too, and a few people within my Nutritional Therapy learning, and I get a buzz every time I can see the benefit of the changes in my clients. Thank you for trusting me to support your health and wellbeing.

Onwards and upwards for another 3 years at the very least - this time with Nutritional Therapy in its completion. I would be grateful if you could support me by telling people about me - letting people know I am able to help. Digestion and everything about it (food intolerances are something I have lived experience in, alongside many of the common symptoms associated with digestive difficulties), stress (also lived experience in this!) and hormonal health (you guessed it - lived experience) are my particular areas of skill. I think it's important to have first hand knowledge and experience of things that you support others in - I can truly approach it with understanding and empathy - quite often, I've been there, I've lived it, I've made it better. Let me do the same for you, or for your loved ones :)

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